Monday, September 1, 2008


#0055 The Moral of the Story

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By Glaivester

And so the moral Wiggles da Rabbit was trying to teach Mikhail was that you have to let your friends (or in Mickey's case, his sister) help you.

Ekaterina "E-Kat" Lovjorski is Mikhail's 15-year-old sister, perpetually a sophomore in high school. Note that he eyes are empty like Mickey's and that her hair is in a complementary pattern to his; black with brown stripes inside, whereas his is brown with black stripes.

Other characters with two-color hair are Kenneth Hurstley (black with gray stripes) and Robyn Packer (light red-brown highlights framing a dark red-brown body). Robyn is so far the only character who has two-color hair that is not designed in a stripy pattern.

The "Milk Empress" franchise is a intended to be a play on "Dairy Queen."

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