Monday, July 28, 2008


#0042 Talking in Their Sleep

This strip is meant more to add to the character's characterization than to create a traditional "narrative with punchline" joke. Each character is having a dream - this is sort of little jokes about each character's hopes and dreams - with the exception of Mikhail, who, true to form, is dreaming about something rather surreal and is the only character who appears to be awake.

Note that other than the title panel, all panels were darkened after drawing to give them a more "nighttime" feel. Perhaps I should have whitened out the "word balloons" to make the writing more visible. I'm also not sure how much effect darkening the room has for light-colored rooms like Robyn's, Scott's, and Chastity's. (The goal was to darken the characters' features as well as the room's; otherwise I would have just colored everything other than the people darker form the beginning).

The dreams are as follows:

(1) Robyn is dreaming about having a romantic interlude with a character from Babylon 5. The particular exchange she is referencing can be found here

(2) Scott is on Jeopardy!, and the board contains his favorite topics.

(3) Chastity is helping her favorite comic nook character.

(4) Abraham is being hired to do a favor for the President, adding to his bank of "favors people owe me."

(5) Emerson has a big scoop against some Senator he doesn't like.

(6) Patience has won the Miss America pageant.

(7) Kenneth is having a dream about female celebrities being his girlfriends.

(8) Anthony is dreaming that some magazine has found him "Sexiest Man in the U.S."

(9) Mikhail is dreaming that some huge rabbit doing a bad Bugs Bunny impression and eating carrot greens has invaded his room.

One last note: with the exception of the color of her sheets, Chastity's room is designed to look like it did in strip #0007.

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